RA : Residental Advisor

RA : Residental Advisor – basically the RA is an upperclassman student that supervises the floor, RAs also go on nightly rounds to ensure that
various rules are followed. They can also organize floor activities, and are also meant to be someone you can go to if you need to talk.

WE had our mandatory floor meeting tonight, regarding the “hate crimes” committed on our floor against our RA. It’s really sad, but in spite of
being here six months, I don’t know about ¾ of the guys on my floor. At this point though given another six months, I don’t think I’d be good friends with the rest anyway. But that’s beyond the point, things have happened on our floor: on our floor’s bathroom, somebody wrote some insults against our RA and drew in graphic pictures to match. I haven’t been on the best terms with my RA; I’ve had a lot of grievances against him over the past and current semester, and I’ve imagined a wide range of unspeakables to get back at him. But after today’s meeting, I almost felt apologetic. My RA is still a rigid idiot, but there are things that I could be doing better to ensure the system works.

I had previously regarded the “vandalism” on our floor, with bitter humor; that bastard deserves what he gets for his draconian enforcement of codes as if it were his bible. But I suppose what got me was the fact that it took weeks before anything was done about the vandalism, and that it wasn’t anyone on the floor but the RA himself that reported it.

I’m usually all for the “casual overlooking” of rules if it helps at all; I don’t like the idea of having to use go through legal force when it is unnecessary. That hasn’t changed—but today’s meeting has brought me a little bit of respect for rules themselves, and not simply doing what I want. Lately, I think I’ve been falling to a lot of things I shouldn’t be…

I’m not going to explain any further, except that I’m impressed at the way this university has taken measures to ensure that we learn important matters of morality without involving the full blown judicial system. Yes there are immature kids still around, and yes even I have a lot of growing to do. And I’m thankful for what the school is doing to try to drive that point where it needs to be.


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