A return to the old ways…

The song in the background is from the Final Fantasy X-2 piano collections. Memories of Light and Waves… such a beautiful song, and i WILL learn to play it over the next three years. such hopes…

2/19/2005 – 1:30 AM
The two bottles sat between us…

“Come on… just drink it.”

“I don’t know though… not drinking has probably been the greatest committment I’ve made over this past year. A whole… 369 days now, and I don’t know… I know it’s not a big deal but I’d still feel like I’m throwing something away. Hold on, lemme make a call…”

[Dialing… 630-687-****]

“Hey dude, were you sleeping?”

“No, but I was about to. Oh, did you do it yet?”

“I have the stuff… but I dunno… I don’t know if I should.”

“Well, think about it this way, if I were you, I’d drink if it I knew I could control myself. And considering how it’s been a whole year, I think you’ve already proven to yourself that you can.”

“Ah… oh okay… thanks. I’ll talk to you later”

[Ended call… 0:28]

“Okay fine… I’ll do it.”


I had completely forgotten the taste of Coca Cola… when I opened the bottles, it smelled so foreign… it was weird. I couldn’t believe where I was, what I was doing. But I did it. And did it bigtime…

Yep… all for me (the other two are in the fridge)


There was another big event this weekend:

Check it!

Yep $20 t-shirts!

The concert was awesome, and now i owe a few ppl big BIG dinners. Haha–but it was worth it! (Japanese composers are so FOBby)