Our old stomping grounds: Naperville North High School

I just visited North today, and what you are about to see here is a disgrace to all once called Seniors of Naperville North:

The Class competition standings at NNHS–last year, it was almost the opposite, with seniors leading by *far*…

It may be true that seniors slack off more than any other class, but only cuz we put our time into spirit! Losing to the freshmen, and worse, being the _least_  spirited… it was almost painful to see. Sigh… what happened to the good old days when seniors ruled with a loud brash fist?

Besides that… yes, I am in violation of my Off-Xanga statement–(let’s pretend this entry {what entry???}never existed), but there are photos to share!

It would seem that my new Hat is getting a lot of action lately, and in spite of its humorous, and possibly offensive message, it is worn by
people of all… uh… (i was gonna say colors, but thats not quite true)… mleh, by ALL kinds of people! Observe:

What have we here? *gastp* Linda??? Really?

Whoa… who’s this dude?

And yes…

Even cute inanimate objects date crack whores…

And even smart all-things-fruity loving sophomores!

And even smart Northwestern biomedical engineering majors–

And, other random northwestern girls in premed! If a soon-to-be doctor’s wearing it, then it must be ok!

And of course…

The King of them all…

The ubiquity of crackwhore dating people…

  • hahahaha
  • i wonder what crack whores’ hats say


  • that hat looks freaky on you :(. Are the seniors actually losing? cuz like.. is that really correct? Freshmen cant win!
  • alex those scores on the board aren’t correct. SOO many seniors dressed up on the dress up days and they didn’t get counted. i don’t know how they do their ballots…because they are completely screwed up. bah humbug. well, hope u had fun visiting ur old school. ttyl bye bye bye!

    Stacey Walters

  • haha—dont think you can escape the power of the hat–it attracts all to wear it
  • Hey Alex!

    How are you doing, you silly boy on the blades? The picture with the teddy bear is so hilarious. You’ll have to give me a list of good songs to download some time.

    =^..^= Yen

  • haha dude, seems like ur having lottsa fun with that hat
  • haha dude i wore that hat today tooo
    and yea joy looks like a STUD in dat hat
  • Haha…hilarious! Wow…even cute inanimate objects date crack whores…what’s the world coming to? Who’s hat was that?