Xander’s College Reflection

I’ve just been re-inspired! I’ve been worrying and fretting over stupid things a lot lately, while at the same time becoming lazier and more lethargic than ever, a bad mix—but after reading Albert’s 11/03 xanga entry, I realized how stupid I’ve been.

Lol—no, I’m not regretful, I’m still learning yo! Just need to remember the past as I move forward through the feeling world. Just a quick thought before going back into positive mode, loving everything I have, and realizing the how blessed we all are. But, since we’re nowhere near perfect, here’s a short list for future improvement:

Things to remember:

1. The attitude of service: that means changing motives behind competition!

            One of the themes behind last weekend’s conference, so much of my competitive drive comes from a desire to be better than peers. *sigh…* where is all this selfishness coming from? The gifts I have are for giving… not hoarding.

2. Trust in God (at so many levels)

            Heh—how simpler can it get?

3. Finishing strong…

Semester ends in three class weeks, grades just above borderline As… yet so much can still go wrong. We talked about it at TC and at Summer Camp, we’ve come so far, just a little more, and everything will be the way to be!

I was going to write about the AAIV Leadership Conference of this past weekend—but that I’ll do later. Lol—I dunno why but this entry took 30 minutes to write~ my head is sleeping!

Dominating the NU Rock (wished i had some orange and blue paint…)

Asians from Intervarsity Urbana, at Evanston!

NU Asian American Intervarsity + Multicultural Intervarsity Worship Team(s)

Long story, too long for tonight. *poof*