• um, how do i  put this…

    i dont know.


  • Choice bothers the people that care a lot. You get so set in a routine, in caring about how everything currently is, that when you have to make a decision, it’s so hard because you don’t want things to change. Everything was good before, and what if your choice changes things in unforeseen ways.
    I’m the same way, I hate choices.
  • Choices are a blessing, and a curse. Without choices, it’s not truly us living our lives. Yet so many times, we cannot foresee the impact of our decisions, and the uncertainty, and anxiety bugs us. However, ultimately,the decision is up to us. Praise God for giving us free will, and loving us even when we mess up!
  • would u rather have ur ability of choice be taken away?

  • We have complete control over our choices yet God knows what we will choose even before we choose it. He will always be with us even if we mess up because at the end, all the choices we made will be right in accordance to his good and perfect will.