Mission Accomplished

All I can say is…

Like the gray? no? haha–too bad, cuz I do!

Oh, and Mission (Delta) accomplished – 10/24/2004 1:15 AM

AYay–so much happening!!!

  • ehhh… that makes u look kinda old??
  • LOL yea it looks like white hairs! hahahha


  • if you enjoy looking old, then I like your hair too 😉

  • Ah…nice tux, and tie. Black, and silver do complement each other so well. As for the hair…hmm…it does make you look older…
  • if by gray you mean tie, then yes, i like your tie.
  • LOLOL…. only you…

    but anyhoo.. hope you had an awesome time 🙂

    peace from naperville, Cat

  • hey alex!!!!!!…how are you?!?!?….hows everything goin with u at u of i….jus checkin to see how ur doin!!…

    its a cute pic….but u do look old…lol

    luv u!..miss u!

  • oh man… crying was me…. but.. hey could you delete that comment?  i uh… dont want that to be shown.  thanks
  • GEEZ… You gotta need to come down to W&L and learn how to be more fratty.. lol… Take care.. now imma gonna go home for thanksgiving… so hope see ya when i’m back


  • hey, niiice pic, mission accomplished eh? what mission would that be i wonder…hehe
  • muahaha.. yea,… random.. so? lol.. im done! glad to see u ova da weekend!
  • whoaaaaa is it just me.. or is your hair like… silver or gray or something…? ><||||

    cool pic tho ^^

  • where are the rest of the pics!!! as a man stranded in the wild i demand updates on what my brothers have been doing