CCMC Senior Night Stuffs

J’aime le photo!

Jalapeno fun!

haha–David et Janice pleurent apres ils ont mange les jalapenos–ils sont tres fables non? What weaklings… That’s what happens when you’re dead last among seven teams.

Tauri… with shaving cream, paint, and lots of TP

Une autre angle…

Il y a plus, mais je suis trop fatigue…

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Xanga xanga, who a m I?

Wow, it feels so foreign already–writing Xanga entries that is. Has it really been that long? I guess it has. I wonder why… it’s not like I haven’t been thinking…nor is it that I havnen’t been doing much. Life has been quite good.

Oh wow, I don’t even remember how to address entries anymore–an opportunity for change?

So. Summer appear’s to be going into its first major lull. The last two weeks was filled with so many parties–and my own party ( ) which was cool. I forgot how awesome it is to host parties–I know people that do it all the time find it a pain, but for moi, who hasn’t hosted a party in years, definitely awesome. Besides, you get a chance to bring ppl to your own house for a change, and I daresay that my house has seen enough new faces lately. I still have to write thank you cards… and then… Skyrien Awards! (Oops–I wasn’t supposed to say that… darn darn darn… what have I done?)

But yes, summer lulls have started creeping into life, and here I am desperately trying to fight it away and keep productivity at a max. Relaxation is overrated anyway. So is sleep. God… I’ve slept far too much lately. Had some amazing dreams, but since I never seem to be able to remember them, why bother?

So, I’m (we’re) making a list of things to do over summer. Besides building connections with Northwestern, U of C, and Wash U faculty (dear reader, if you don’t know yet, a few of my friends and I have been brutally cast out from each of these supposedly awesome universities, thus am now waging an uphill battle for transfer), I’ve got a lot of reading, writing, and working to do.

I very much want a job. The fact that I’m not allowed to have one is just pure torture. Yes, Anu, Dev, Kai, and I went to check out the new Target store… a treasure trove for new applicants. The applications were pretty funny–how the Company and the Corporation was capitalized everywhere–reminded me of those sci-fi movies where corporations own the world. Anyway–it’s like having treasure right in front of moi, and legally barred from reaching it. The government sucks…

So, I am forced to find other channels of activity. For within the Fellowship, one small idea I had was to have Points–kinda something I started with my brothers. Everyone starts with a set amount of points, and anything competitive can result in a loss/gain of points, and the winner at the end… I dunno, get’s a prize? Or even just for kicks, points would be fun. We’re having fun with it at home, competing from everything from Scholastic Bowl questions to ping pong games. And for us summer lull folk, it further enhances this Awesome List of things to do. Not just any list… this is a list for everyone, group activities for the young, old, bored, pre-amused…. every person afflicted with the summer lulls, can benefit. And it goes as follows:

Activity – Description (Suggested by)

Cross Naperville Hunter/Hunted Race (Nick)

Pretty much how it sounds, it involves two teams, one hunter, and one hunted… one group trying to get a goal done, the other group trying to catch and stop them. The hunted would consist of maybe… three or four people and two flags. And they HAVE to get both flags to their destinations across Naperville , without having them captured. The Hunters would know the starting positions and general direction of the goal… and we’d have to make sure that the path involves going through downtown Naperville . (or else it would be too easy) Tagged hunted are captured. The individuals are expendable, so—imagine the torture possibilities… make sure that the prey team doesn’t consist of close friends… unless one wants drama of having to choose… a friend’s life, the Greater Good. Mwahaha… Details haven’t been made up yet by the Committee, but I think this can be a lot of fun.

Time frame: a few hours

People: At least 12

Lost (Nick)

So this one is easier… two groups of ppl are driven blindfolded to an unknown destination, and become “lost”. Their goal… get to destination as fast as possible. First team to reach the place wins. Simple right?

Time frame: as long as it takes

People: at least 6

Six Flags (A lot of ppl)


Well duh…

Sky Diving! (Phil)

Who’s got what it takes to take the 14,000 feet fall? Definitely me—I’ve been wanting to do it since… forever .

Pajama Day! (Moi)

Everyone go out for the whole day in pajamas! This idea seems popular with girls more than guys… lol—what a surprise… I’m all for it so, set a date and consider it done!

Mud Fight? (Vicki)

Eh? You up for it? I’m down~


You guys, I think everyone should go… last year, for me it began an awakening, and God has become so much clearer to me. I went with the selfish reason of having fun, meeting new people… and while I was there… I made so many realizations. I won’t hesitate to say that it changed my life. Even if you’re not Christian… go? Oh, and yes I did have fun and met lots of people. Check the website in my profile for more information, registration forms.

Various Concerts


I never really was the concert going type, and now I feel that I’ve missed out. There’re a lot out there. Time to take advantage of ‘em!