An Ode to the Times: A Survey!

You are about to witness a rare sight, and indeed, this is a day of days (Riddick was AMAZING!!!). Rarely do I EVER complete surveys, for the such seemingly innocuous supplication merely shrouds the ulterior intentions of the writers, and of course takers. There is a reason why people like playing Truth/Dare–and it’s not to find out secrets, at least not nearly as much as telling them! Or am I treading thoughts too subliminal to accept? Still just a thought. But truly, one must understand when I say that today is a special day… 1 because it is 6:12 AM, and this author is thus bored, not tired, and not sleeping. And… of course, no more superfluous commentary.

(Acquired from changer’s xanga)

[ Name ] Alexander Youngha *Skyrien* Joo

[ Nicknames ] far too many…. Xander, Joo Joo Bear, Alle-hoo, Joe, Mr. Joo, JOOOOOOO,

[ Screen name ] <–look to the left!

[ Birthday ] *sigh*… ^look up^… and follow said directions
[ Astrological sign ] Gemini
[ Chinese   Asian zodiac sign ] the big fat cow–but supposedly its an ox

[ Religion ] Christian <United Methodist>

[ Eye color ] depends on the day

[ Height ] 5′ 8″

[ Shoe size ] 9.5 ideally… though i’ve been known to take anythign from 9 – 11.

[ Have any credit cards? ] one so wishes

[ What do you drive?] The dearest ONLY AMAZING TAURI !!! I do love my dear vehicle. But to be technical, her make and model is a 1996 Ford Taurus (whoa–alarm clock rings) LX (meaning there’s a 3.0 L heart beating inside with the spirit of 200 horses)

[ Color ] blue, black, and silver, and white, and dark red, and yellow on occasion. Still… purple and white will always be divine colors to me…

[ Number ] 9, 23, and 523

[ Animal ] i would say bottlenosed dolphin if i was boring, but Majestic Dragons are so much cooler!
[ Vehicle ] BMW Z4… and the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid
[ Flower ] the kind you cook with
[ Scent ] the best shampoo
[ Shape ] the atypical
[ Drinks ] oooh–mango-strawberry bubble tea with tapioca balls and lychee jelly!

[ Soda ] anything but coke, pepsi, and other coke/cola related beverages. (nothing that involves caramel coloring)

[Candy] Hershey’s Milk Chocolate w/Almonds–the BIG bars. Oh, and Starbucks Chocolate covered espresso beans (if they count as candy–fuel is more like it…)

[ Book] I probably shouldn’t pick one, so I’ll pick two: The Golden Compass … and Ender’s Game .

[ Band ] The Calling

[ Song ] Our Lives by The Calling

[ Color your hair? ] iridescent blue, if at all

[ Twirl your hair? ] only when its long enough–but i like to pull it at times and be fascinated/disgusted by random curls that decide to infest my hair

[ Like roller coasters? ] used to more so than I do now… sadly, the thrill is escaping me… skydiving anyone??

[ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] nah~ well… maybe in the New World…

[ Like cleaning? ] NOO–i HATE CLEANING… cleaning is destruction of life’s natural order

[ Write in cursive or print? ] whichever is asked for
[ Carry a donor card? ] on my IL driver’s license of course–signed and ready for when I die
[ Swear a lot? ] more than I’d like–usually when exacerbated

(wow, this just keeps getting longer… and i was gonna stop at the stupid webcam question…)

[ Gotten a speeding ticket? ] nope!

[ Been in a wreck? ] seen a few
[ Been arrested? ] …no nothing happened last summer…

[ Been in a fist fight? ] if push and shove counts…

[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] not kicked… not on purpose anyway… poor anubhav…

[ Stolen anything? ] stole? lost something that wasn’t mine, maybe?

[ Held a gun? ] nah–but oh do  I imagine…

[ Drank? ] mmhmm at fairly expected periods of my life–never got drunk though–stupifyied maybe
[ Cried over a girl? ] not directly

[ Lied to someone? ] nah—only to you
[ Been in love? ] if only i could define the term satisfactorily, maybe id say no

[ Fallen for your best friend? ] i hope not

[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] nonono, no making out whatsoever
[ Been rejected? ]  tsk tsk… xander get rejected??? well yea, duh–life is a learning experience though right?

[ Been in lust? ] if only i could define the term satisfactorily, maybe id say yes
[ Used someone? ] i didnt mean to!!!
[ Been used? ] mmm… not to my knowledge–at least not consciously
[ Been cheated on? ] mwahahaha–xander is impervous to cheating

[ Been kissed? ] haha–not by my book

[ Mood ] tired?
[ Music ] Casting Crowns (the song in the bg)

[ Taste ] does sleepiness taste like anything?
[ Hair ] puffy–like a bird’s nest
[ Annoyance ]  yes, my backhand still sucks (both ping pong and tennis)

[ Smell ] Cat, does sleep really smell?

[ Thing I ought to be doing ] perhaps sleeping, in preparation for my un-eventful day tomorrow… maybe preparing for my OWN GRAD PARTY ON SUNDAY?!?!?!?!?!?

[ Windows open ] umm… wow… AIM Main box, mylifeNchoice, Windows Task… Music from Animated (folder), Your Xanga Sub… aurelilii’s Xang… xTools – Web… Document1 – … Babylon Translator (finding the word “silly” in 4 different languages)
[ Desktop picture ] some funky glass ball that priya made for no particular reason

[ Book ] 7 Things that (smart) Teens Do (finally started poking through it)

[ CDs in stereo ] Titled: Aphrodite
[ Crush ] none that i am consciously aware of, though KD would prolly contest otherwise…
[ Job ] i am unemployed

[ Book you read ] Digital Audio Player “yepp'” manual

[ Movie you saw ] Chronicles of Riddick (AMAZING! GO SEE IT!!!)

[ Thing you had to drink ] Starbucks Mocha (in a bottle)

[ Thing you ate ] don’t remember… rebelliously not eating the pizza and allen’s house–oh wait… bacon & ranch salad at McDs
[person you talked to on the phone ] kd.. about 2 hours ago about aformentioned topic
[ Dream ] oh… and it was a really cool one too!!!

And since I’m too tired to continue, and my love life is irrelevant (to myself included) that section shall be omitted for now…