An Ode to the Times: A Survey!

You are about to witness a rare sight, and indeed, this is a day of days (Riddick was AMAZING!!!). Rarely do I EVER complete surveys, for the such seemingly innocuous supplication merely shrouds the ulterior intentions of the writers, and of course takers. There is a reason why people like playing Truth/Dare–and it’s not to find out secrets, at least not nearly as much as telling them! Or am I treading thoughts too subliminal to accept? Still just a thought. But truly, one must understand when I say that today is a special day… 1 because it is 6:12 AM, and this author is thus bored, not tired, and not sleeping. And… of course, no more superfluous commentary.

(Acquired from changer’s xanga)

[ Name ] Alexander Youngha *Skyrien* Joo

[ Nicknames ] far too many…. Xander, Joo Joo Bear, Alle-hoo, Joe, Mr. Joo, JOOOOOOO,

[ Screen name ] <–look to the left!

[ Birthday ] *sigh*… ^look up^… and follow said directions
[ Astrological sign ] Gemini
[ Chinese   Asian zodiac sign ] the big fat cow–but supposedly its an ox

[ Religion ] Christian <United Methodist>

[ Eye color ] depends on the day

[ Height ] 5′ 8″

[ Shoe size ] 9.5 ideally… though i’ve been known to take anythign from 9 – 11.

[ Have any credit cards? ] one so wishes

[ What do you drive?] The dearest ONLY AMAZING TAURI !!! I do love my dear vehicle. But to be technical, her make and model is a 1996 Ford Taurus (whoa–alarm clock rings) LX (meaning there’s a 3.0 L heart beating inside with the spirit of 200 horses)

[ Color ] blue, black, and silver, and white, and dark red, and yellow on occasion. Still… purple and white will always be divine colors to me…

[ Number ] 9, 23, and 523

[ Animal ] i would say bottlenosed dolphin if i was boring, but Majestic Dragons are so much cooler!
[ Vehicle ] BMW Z4… and the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid
[ Flower ] the kind you cook with
[ Scent ] the best shampoo
[ Shape ] the atypical
[ Drinks ] oooh–mango-strawberry bubble tea with tapioca balls and lychee jelly!

[ Soda ] anything but coke, pepsi, and other coke/cola related beverages. (nothing that involves caramel coloring)

[Candy] Hershey’s Milk Chocolate w/Almonds–the BIG bars. Oh, and Starbucks Chocolate covered espresso beans (if they count as candy–fuel is more like it…)

[ Book] I probably shouldn’t pick one, so I’ll pick two: The Golden Compass … and Ender’s Game .

[ Band ] The Calling

[ Song ] Our Lives by The Calling

[ Color your hair? ] iridescent blue, if at all

[ Twirl your hair? ] only when its long enough–but i like to pull it at times and be fascinated/disgusted by random curls that decide to infest my hair

[ Like roller coasters? ] used to more so than I do now… sadly, the thrill is escaping me… skydiving anyone??

[ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] nah~ well… maybe in the New World…

[ Like cleaning? ] NOO–i HATE CLEANING… cleaning is destruction of life’s natural order

[ Write in cursive or print? ] whichever is asked for
[ Carry a donor card? ] on my IL driver’s license of course–signed and ready for when I die
[ Swear a lot? ] more than I’d like–usually when exacerbated

(wow, this just keeps getting longer… and i was gonna stop at the stupid webcam question…)

[ Gotten a speeding ticket? ] nope!

[ Been in a wreck? ] seen a few
[ Been arrested? ] …no nothing happened last summer…

[ Been in a fist fight? ] if push and shove counts…

[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] not kicked… not on purpose anyway… poor anubhav…

[ Stolen anything? ] stole? lost something that wasn’t mine, maybe?

[ Held a gun? ] nah–but oh do  I imagine…

[ Drank? ] mmhmm at fairly expected periods of my life–never got drunk though–stupifyied maybe
[ Cried over a girl? ] not directly

[ Lied to someone? ] nah—only to you
[ Been in love? ] if only i could define the term satisfactorily, maybe id say no

[ Fallen for your best friend? ] i hope not

[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] nonono, no making out whatsoever
[ Been rejected? ]  tsk tsk… xander get rejected??? well yea, duh–life is a learning experience though right?

[ Been in lust? ] if only i could define the term satisfactorily, maybe id say yes
[ Used someone? ] i didnt mean to!!!
[ Been used? ] mmm… not to my knowledge–at least not consciously
[ Been cheated on? ] mwahahaha–xander is impervous to cheating

[ Been kissed? ] haha–not by my book

[ Mood ] tired?
[ Music ] Casting Crowns (the song in the bg)

[ Taste ] does sleepiness taste like anything?
[ Hair ] puffy–like a bird’s nest
[ Annoyance ]  yes, my backhand still sucks (both ping pong and tennis)

[ Smell ] Cat, does sleep really smell?

[ Thing I ought to be doing ] perhaps sleeping, in preparation for my un-eventful day tomorrow… maybe preparing for my OWN GRAD PARTY ON SUNDAY?!?!?!?!?!?

[ Windows open ] umm… wow… AIM Main box, mylifeNchoice, Windows Task… Music from Animated (folder), Your Xanga Sub… aurelilii’s Xang… xTools – Web… Document1 – … Babylon Translator (finding the word “silly” in 4 different languages)
[ Desktop picture ] some funky glass ball that priya made for no particular reason

[ Book ] 7 Things that (smart) Teens Do (finally started poking through it)

[ CDs in stereo ] Titled: Aphrodite
[ Crush ] none that i am consciously aware of, though KD would prolly contest otherwise…
[ Job ] i am unemployed

[ Book you read ] Digital Audio Player “yepp'” manual

[ Movie you saw ] Chronicles of Riddick (AMAZING! GO SEE IT!!!)

[ Thing you had to drink ] Starbucks Mocha (in a bottle)

[ Thing you ate ] don’t remember… rebelliously not eating the pizza and allen’s house–oh wait… bacon & ranch salad at McDs
[person you talked to on the phone ] kd.. about 2 hours ago about aformentioned topic
[ Dream ] oh… and it was a really cool one too!!!

And since I’m too tired to continue, and my love life is irrelevant (to myself included) that section shall be omitted for now…

  • holy crap, this entry was really really long, dont know how you got that much time to update, anyways, i am going to see Ridick too, maybe next week.
  • wow… so u stayed up even later…
  • HAHAHAHAH yes! score.. i’m back heheh. anyhoo. YES sleep definately has a smell… it smells… hmmm… very sleepy-ish. dunno how to describe it and i’m too lazy rite now to think of the proper words.

    what else was i gonna comment on? ::scrolls up::

    OH YEAH!!! i’d forgotten i’d lent you that book hahah. yeeaahh… tell me if it’s a worthwhile read or not.. i’m reading emerson essays at the moment… sadly, its taking me a while… i keep having to go back and reread every single sentence. but it’s pretty interesting. mmhmm

    my brother wants to know who the guy in ur bg is..

    okee byyyye.

    muchluv, Cat

  • Haha…nice survey. Yes, your colored contacts are very cool.
  • survey too long
    but i like this song

    hey that rhymes

  • Interesting very interesting manybe i’l use this survey some time in the future on my xanga ^-^
  • hehe skydiving!!!! just wait till i’m 18 and i don’t need a parent waiver…
  • you cut out the best part! haha 😉 i’m glad to hear chronicles was good i’ve been meaning to see it!