NG #2

haha.. ok.. so for those who didn’t figure it out…
yes, angie still currently owns this xanga…..
alex: “she¡¦s writing BS while I’m explaining it all” gosh alex… i’m quite disappointed.. i was expecting a much more spectacular come-back from the “great xander skyrien” but………. i guess wimps will be wimps~
so.. what’s this “If Angie think she¡¦s pretty enough for a 5 megapixel picture, then sure, I’m sure I’ll see this signal” about?? i’m confused……. but yeah.. i DO kinda want my xanga back now… it’s kinda awkward writing here… cuz i don’t even know who reads it now.. alex’s friends or my friends?? > < |||| ahh whatever…
as u can see.. i’m just rambling on randomly….. lalalalala… ok.. i’m done……. bye bye~

  • Alex? Xander? A wimp? *Gasp*

  • Alex’s friends… the spare lot we are… but the ‘xanga wars’ are much more entertaining than what happens in the real life of Joo :OP
  • oOoO~~~ ouchhh… u hear that alex?
  • haha., yopu stink though. +I want to read alex’s not yours!
  • ok thats it–you want an all out war? prepare to see hellfire from place you aint neva seen before.

    or at least, places you never hoped to see again. a buried past can be a dangerous thing, dear angiela

  • Hey, hey… digging up checkered pasts goes a bit too deep into dishonorability…

    I’m sure you can recruit some friendly neighborhood uber-hackers to set things right in a little less ugly of a process, either that or a duel at high noon with flamethrowers…

  • perhaps swords and pitchforks–a few hundred legions and lines of musketmen–there’s a certain level of elegance with those–

    and maybe a few nuclear warheads–

    and a ball of fire

    –indeed a past can be a dangerous box of pain–one that i shall not open

  • uh… yeah…. i’m definitely REALLY confused…… what past? i’ve known u what.. 2 weeks? u guys use words that are too weird and complicated for me to understand…..><
  • dude.. this is a bit scary. it has xanders name… but.. ::shudder:: lol hey hey angie. i see ur taking good care of xander’s xanga hahah *cough*


  • lol i like what you’ve done with the Xanga