I am back

Sitting at my computer with my xanga back now, while I still have full control over allangel_angiela’s xanga; staring at the screen blankly, unsure of what it is I’d like to write about. It sure feels good to be in control.

Raking my hands through my hair, I decided that a quick lather would be nice. The mirror in the bathroom fogged up from the moisture in the hot water, and I stood hunched over the sink staring into my reflection in the mirror. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

I think I’ve changed. I feel different. I think differently. I’ve really been thinking about something; everything; yes, something. I think I have decided…

I like men.

I know people usually kid around about this, but I’d like people to take me seriously. I hope everyone accepts me for who I am.

I feel accusing eyes burning into the back of my head. Grabbing the mouse, I slowly move the pointer over to the submit button. I’m out.

  • haha, i like men who like men
  • Mm…in that case…

    …I have nothing to say.


  • well guess wut… i DON’T like men. lol


  • (the real xander skyrien speaking) oh dear god… my xanga has been defaced more than i had ever feared–

    but i gotta hand it to the culprit–that is very VERY clever.

    btw, for the time being, i (alexander elijah skyrien) am gonna be on THIS xanga sn–and ya can read my stuff here “allANGEL_aNgiEla

  • awww.. i know of a good support group

  • I am curious how it is that you would have come upon the name of this support group?  Is there yet another horrible secret waiting to be revealed?  If so… I think it is a mystery best left unsolved… :OP
  • Haha…nice, Alex. Someone has taken over your xanga. Either that, or are there some secrets in your life that we should know about?
  • danggg angie…you’re goood XP
  • lol wtf? being gay is not a disease or tragedy… y do u need a support group?