NG #1

sorry to ppl who come here to read alex’s posts… go to my hijacked xanga instead…. i just really feel like writing a post… and since alex still hasn’t surrendered my xanga.. i’ll write it here… (btw.. like the new look of this xanga?)

life is so.. ironic sometimes………
came across some interesting things lately…. like… the other day when they announced our prom theme at school… “Quatre” (guy i liked from 8th grade to frosh year) was being obnoxious and all like “yeah angela.. you, me, prom? right?” and was writing like “AK loves JL” on his paper.. hahaha.. it’s funny to think that.. if this had happened 2~3 years ago.. i’d be like jumping for joy and hugging everyone in the room even though i knew he was joking… but now it’s just like “ok get away from me creep…”
it’s interesting too.. that right now.. some of my java2s girls and i talk about going to U of I together so we can all live together.. but i know my grades suck too much.. so i’m thinking about getting in with dance first.. even my dad thought it was a good idea… and he was like “yeah… so you should start taking classes again at vonheideke to get better” it’s just so ironic… that the ONE thing that i loved and my parents made me quit to “save” my grades.. right now turned into the one thing that CAN “save” my college plans….
i dno… it’s just so weird to think about… ^^||

haha anyways…….. random things for the day..
i didn’t go to school today!!!! went to visit U of I’s dance department…. not so good part: it was quite disappointing… the studios were so small.. there’s about 60 ppl in the WHOLE program.. they focus mainly on modern… the one dance i hate and can’t do…. and i watched their ballet class.. and i almost threw up… >< blahh whatever…… anything for my java2s girls~ ^^ i’m not good enough to go professional with dance anymore anyways….
i got senior ads editor!!!! i’m sooooooooo excited!! ^^
went to orchesis banquet.. had to wear a dress for the SECOND time this week!! (AHHHH and THIRD time tomorrow!!! > < |||||||||) lol.. at the dinner… i guess some of the freshman saw part of my tatoo thingy (from badminton).. and they were like “OMG!! angela… what IS that on your leg?!?!” hahaha.. so funni……
< –btw.. that’s the tatoo on the back of my thigh they were talking about… hahaha….. jeanne nati vicki have them too~ good times.. ^^||||
hmmmmm ok.. i think that’s enough rambling for today… o.. and alex…. if u don’t mind… please revive my earlier post with the pictures that now show up.. (the one that i made private for a while) hehe.. thanx~