The Race…

(TBC at a later date)

Once again… I’ve said I’d contiue something and decided not to… not now anyway. More fascinating things have cropped up since…

My sleep has been perturbed by many dreams lately. And after sleeping many-a dreamless night, I can’t say I mind. Today’s dream however reaches a little further into the realm of oddness that i find so enthralling.

Very weirdly… there was a scene of fighting a war against the Polish… but that came after. It was night time, and i was running (or running away) along a single laned highway that ran above a jungle. (The scene was predominantly greens and black.) and i came to an intersection. there was a soldier there that wouldnt let me pass… but someone from beside me told me to take the blue ladder (and this was in latin for some odd reason). The “Blue Ladder” was a scaffolding leading down from the highway, into the forest.

I climbed down, eager to get to where I wanted to go… the moonlight bathed the whole jungle in a greenish glow (from the leaves)… and then i heard shooting.

It was far away at first, and the men beside me (high school aged) were standing tense and ready. The whole scene was almost like a game.. maybe it was. Below the tree line, the scaffolding became a fence seperating two large areas with a gravel corridor. The sides were almost completely shrouded by leaves; I knew the soldiers shooting into our side were firing blindly. Flashes of light down the leafy divide caught my attention–far beyond, I saw Anubhav shooting away at others in the corridor. I knew it–the bastard never was a pacifist… I kept myself hidden behind the huge leaves; the muzzle flashes came closer. Finally, a whole wall of leaves tore down from the opposing side, and twenty or so kids began pelleting our still-leaved side. I picked up my gun and aimed at… Akif! He was shooting into the wall adjacent to mine. Triple-leaded him and he fell–bloodless. Shocked at what i had just seen/done, I sat up from my position… only to find that I was still in my room.

That was actually one of my more fun dreams, but that doesn’t compare with the dream I had the night before. I’ll write about it later. It involves Jabali, a Purple haired, purple eyed girl, a schoolbus, ketchup and mustard bottles, soul calibur, capron, model houses… etc… yes, odd no?

  • naperville, eh? me too. do u know sujean??? she goes to imsa i think…. she’s prolly a junior or senior now. fob kinda? ok haha just seein who u know. payce out.
  • dude, that is most definetly the shortest xanga entry you have ever had.
  • aiyo… alex ur too intellectual for me
  • your dreams are…interesting…

  • Wow… quite interesting… I wish I could remember my dreams… then again, I don’t sleep long enough to dream much, do I?
  • i almost never have dreams, doesnt that mean i have some kinda psychological problem?
  • wait what! I commented, and now the comment isn’t there… anyway. MURDERER!!! murder she wrote! hehe. You only dreamed about anu because you think about the fact that he’s a pacifist.  🙂

  • Interesting dream…
  • lol, that bastard anubhav. I bet he eats meat when were not looking. So you ready for wisconsin? yeah who am i kidding were gonna be bored as hell. BTW nice to see you still dream. Just…keep…dreaming