Well now, I’m feeling so much better than I did when I woke up. It may not be Christmas anymore but being on my way to finishing essays beats any Christmas present that I could have gotten… well, almost. I could use a new car…

YES you heard me right–stubborn, procrastinating me actually got an essay done. And a Northwestern essay at that, but now I’m completely drained of creativity (or perhaps that’s the video games again…grr… no more games!)! At least now I can be rejected with pride!

Other than that… tis cold tonight. I’ve discovered that the cokes in my car froze overnight. Am majorly annoyed . And a post-Christmas silence seems to have settled in along with the deep freeze. 4 AM… the last stars twinkle in the sky as the new dawn is ready… oh wait… nevermind… it’s December. It’s December? OMG it’s December 27th?! The year 2003 ends in 4 days??!?!!

Woooow… I have been missing a lot of the usual end-of-the-year festivities… among other things… yet I can’t let myself out yet. Not just yet…

The glass becomes rosier every day~

  • ahh… these evil Northwestern essays… The longer I stare at these prompts with nothing to write about, the more I want to get in. Sigh… it’s a terrible thing to get my hopes up so high with the inevitable sorrow of rejection looming in my near future. Bah! enough rambling, back to writing. Must rid myself of this intolerable burden!