From Alex to Xander

I think I’ll officially change my name to Xander…

Three years ago, when I picked ‘Alexander’ as my identity (based off my New World character), I was happy to see that “Alex” wasn’t one of the more “common names” like David, Jon, John, James etc. There were a couple other Alex’s, who I thought were idiots that disgracefully carried the name, but I still liked it enough.

But now, there are too many Alex’s. Even though I have a personal connection (I guess you could almost call it ownership) to the name “Alex” and I love its base name (Alexander–derived from the Greek word Alexien and -der–meaning of man, combined to mean leader/defender of man), I think a change would be nice. Besides, Xander still has the same base name (Alexander is the best name in the world! ). Anyway, a bunch of Google searches confirmed my desires for uniqueness (yep I wanna be special~ ) :

Name (number of results from the name)

Alex (15,100,000)
Alexander (15,700,000)
David (71,700,000!)
George (45,300,000)
James (57,600,000)
Jason (14,100,000)
Jon (10,300,000)
John (116,000,000!!!)
Nick (15,100,000)
Xander (900,000–yay!)

Skyrien (20–and they’re all me!!!!!!) Tres original non?

It’s all about the originality! Okay, time to get back to French hw~