Xander’s College Life – Year 2

Chapter 3 – Oh February; and SO MUCH TV! (Quiz below!)

Something is seriously wrong with the weather here. This morning I woke up to birds chirping (a nice change from my usual alarm) and a spring-esque breeze blowing through my window and through my covers. The high went over 50, and in my final class of the day, I heard/felt the inexplicable rumble of nearby thunder. What the hell is going on? January barely passed by, and what… maybe two of the days there was a trace of snow on the ground? This time last year, there was the usual wintery permafrost blanketing campus for the third week in a row. No thunderstorms, no T-shirts, and certainly no warm breeze to wake up to.

But what am I complaining about? (I think I’ve been doing a little too much of that lately.) It’s pretty nice to be able to go biking across campus without worrying about my hands freezing to the handlebars, and winter jacket *optional* has never been bad. So, no complaints.

If there’s anything I should be complaining about, it’s the VILE smell emanating from the bathroom 40 feet from my door. The RA threatened to lock down the bathroom if we don’t find a way to solve it. Just because he lives right next door to it of course, he has the right to take away our showers sinks and toilets. But he’s cool, so his threat and implied accusation is forgiven. He shouldn’t have to suffer because random gangs of guys have a fetish for leaving presents in every toilet at once and deciding not to flush. I damn well hope that they’re not from 4 North.


I’ve only missed 4 out of my allotted 20 classes (thanks Rosa!). I’m still on top of things (well… mostly that is), and most importantly, you know what? I’m actually… quite actually… happy right now! Granted, it isn’t heaven on earth, but it’s earth. It’s peace. And its real. So… that’s good, and as Sq might say, that’s progress. I’m finding great amusement in having Schmitt stare at my while I write this.

Anyway, my original inspiration for this update: I’ve been watching a lot of TV these days (far more than usual), and like many college folk, I’ve discredited television as being a thing of the past. But you know what? There are some GREAT shows on TV! So many great shows… and yet, so many people have never even given it a chance. I’d have to say that my life has been shaped by good books and good TV series. These are shows that EVERYONE should watch at some point or another… so here are quotes/hints from ten of my most favorite TV series of all time; yes–you can see where I get my personality.

If you can match all of these hints with the series they refer to… you shall win a prize… Oh and trust me, it’ll be a good prize…

BTW, in response to Rosa’s complaint about broken links, rather, it would seem that Firefox seems to be having problems routing the correct protocol to whatever streaming media player you seem to be using. So, if something doesn’t play… you can either save the file first (save target/link as…) or copy the URL into the player and play directly.

1. “Make it so…”; NCC-1701D

2. And what is this one?

3. Guess me!

4. Series finale

“What the hell kind of nun are you? Look, if you try to come between me and my husband, I will take you down.”
“I grew up on the south side of Chicago. If you wanna threaten me, you’re gonna have to do a lot better than that.”
“You listen to me, you little bitch. You do not want to start a war with me!”
“Well, I have God on my side. Bring it on.”

6. Listen to this hint!

7. Long ago…

8. Another one!

9. A hint!

10. The series with my background song as the theme .

Okay, that’s it! Guess away!

  • Ever consider taking the time you spend in front of the TV to write a book?

    I think you’d be a pretty good book-writer.

  • FOUR CLASSES?!?! ALREADY?!?! it’s been like… 3 weeks hasn’t it?

    1) Star Trek The Next Generation
    4) At first I thought it was Voyager… but Chris says it’s superman.
    5) Desperate Housewives
    10) Star Trek Enterprise

    3) I dunno, E.R.?

    The rest are broken links, so I can’t listen to them. But since you obviously are a trekkie, I’ll take a bet that Deep Space Nine and Voyager are on this list. Also I thought that maybe Grey’s Anatomy would be on this list somewhere…

    NOW GET TO CLASS!!! >:o

  • lol.  I too have been watching an unusual amount of t.v. since being home sick for half the week.  But, I like to catch up on my Disney movies and watch Charmed episodes šŸ™‚
  • Yeah Feb. sucks balls.
  • 1. Star Trek TNG
    2. I want to say 24 …
    3. ?
    4. Star Trek DS9
    5. Desperate Housewives
    6. ?
    7. Hercules
    8. ?
    9. Sex in the City
    10. Enterprise
  • bitch! i got most of em, those damn star trek ones were tricky…
  • I’m angry… I just spent an hour and a half on this list and number two is driving me insane.
    #2 is not 24 because I just listened to the 24 theme song and it’s not it. GRR!! I wanted the “good” prize!!!

    1) Star Trek – The Next Generation
    2) ?!?!?!? sounds like some sort of heart pounding 24 show or CSI but it’s neither and it makes me angry. You should watch CSI, it’s nummy!
    3) Veronica Mars
    4) Star Trek – Deep Space Nine
    5) Desperate Housewives
    6) Grey’s Anatomy
    7) ??? Shaneal said it was Hercules, so I’m cheating on this one.
    8) Alias I think, because it’s an awesome show. Though this isn’t THE theme song, but they did use it to open an episode!
    9) Sex In the City
    10) Enterprise

    Gosh you trekkie monster!

  • wow, you have way too much time on your hands

    i could only get two (24 and desperate housewives). maybe i should watch more tv? probably shouldn’t tho…

  • yar, dear shaneal is close!
  • i got maybe 2, Voyager and TNG(Great shows!) of those…but i bet i watch more TV than you.
    about 4+ or so hours a day?
  • Shaneal’s Closer than me?!? WAAAAAAH!!! I WASTED SO MUCH TIME!!! I’m heart broken

    you must publish the correct list soon so that I can compare my researching skills!!!