I think it’s time for an update. Just because. Point! It’s finally FALL BREAK!!! And it’s just like it was last year.

I’ve been waiting for this day, excitement increasing as it approached, and now that it’s finally here… I’m sitting with nothing else to do. Oh I could watch TV, read a book… simple pleasures, right? At least, nothing that seems worth doing, which I suppose isn’t that bad. It’s just my attitude, I guess. Every second not spend doing something amazing should be spent preparing for something amazing. Haha, it really is a terrible way to live, but that’s how I feel like I’m living. Simple contentment… it’s been a while since I’ve really just been positive with anything. And that… dear readership, has to change.


I had an interesting moment of thought after I got home tonight. The house was eerily quiet, and I was eating dinner. Suddenly, Scout (my dog, refer to… oh dammit, broken link) starts barking and frantically rushing back and forth from where I sat to the dark full wall window. I half-expected a pack of banshees floating up to our house, but upon inspection, my mom delcared that it was just “her car”.

“See Scout? That’s my car!” she said. “Nothing to worry about…” She pulled scout back from the window, but he kept returning. Something seemed off; it was like in the movies, where you KNOW something is going to happen, in spite of the characters’ not very comforting words. I had this growing fear and expectation that some creature/baddie was going to break through the window–or maybe the door–come clawing its way through up to where I was sitting and… then I wondered what it would be like, to be running for my life without anything to return to. How terrible it must be…

…but nothing happened. Scout patrolled the window for another minute, before sitting back down in his demented way, with his legs curled up
under him. I finished my dinner, and decided my life would be eternally boring, and that I should just do my math homework.


I’ll write a real entry later. Nick’s coming. I’m taking a nap. My bed is exactly the way I left it last. Heh. Oh and how things have changed since…



I don’t usually do surveys… but since I’ve been Tagged– I guess it constitutes a magical binding agreement that cannot be broken (Harry
Potter = awesome flick… for a HP movie–nothing will ever touch the wit/depth of the books!)

10 Firsts:

First Best Friend(s): lydia–kindergarten-2nd grade. i remember crying once when my mom wouldn’t let me go to her house.

First Screen Name: Skyiren

First Kiss: I can’t quite say…

First Pet: An awesome goldfish that lived like 10 years (take THAT changer)

First Piercing: upper ear–cartilage, lower lobe, Bajoran style~ (haha–maybe)
First Crush: see first response

First Music: Beethoven or Vivaldi (not sure)

First love: What is love?

First stuffed animal: A
brown bear which mysterously vanished after moving from Evanston. But
looking far back into my childhood, I remember having it.

9 Lasts:

Last Cigarette: Some time over the summer, i took a puff. That ONE puff made my breath nasty for hours. DON’T SMOKE!

Last Alcoholic drink : Bacardi 151 mixed with Hawaiian Punch. It was for a good cause!

Last Car Ride: myself-driving my brother and nick back to my house in our ALTIMA!

Last Kiss: 12 hours ago.


Last Phone Call: Cathaka

Last CD Played: Something Nick mixed. Got me pumped.

Last bubble bath: 8/9/2005

Last time you cried: <1 hour

8 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No, but I’ve done the inverse if that counts.

Have You Ever Been Arrested: CFU2

Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Once. At the Dunes. This past summer. It was awesome.

Have You Ever Been on TV: A couple times. Commercial in Rockford, and I don’t remember the second time.

Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Then Regretted it: …I think so…

Have You Ever had a Dream About Someone You Knew: …is this something unusual?

Have You Ever played in the middle of a hurricane: I don’t like hurricanes anymore.

7 career paths you’ve considered :

1. Computer programming

2. Law

3. Writing–as an author

4. Marine biology

5. Neuroscience/cognitive science

6. Medical Doctor

7. Computer Engineering

6 Things You’ve Done Today:

1. Woke up and went back to sleep. Went to my thermodynamics lab late.

2. Packed to leave. Left.

3. Rushed (biked really fast) to keep ice cream cold and hamburger warm

4. Drove Altie!
5. Got 0wned in Halo 2


5 favorite things In NO Order:

1. Happy Squishy! (first *thing* that came to mind)

2. Deep Space Nine

3. Red wind (Korean term for the coming of fall)

4. mashed potatos and salmon (they are one! they MUST go together!)
5. Driving when not tired

4 People You Can Tell Anything to in NO order:

1. Sq (but only if I’m tactful)

2. Jabrony

3. Brutus

4. Old best friends…

3 Choices:

1. Black or White: Black

2. Hot or Cold: hot

3. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate!

2 Things You Want to Do Before you die:

1. Beat the Turing
Test for a selfcontained mobile AI that accomodates natural
language syntax, human expression analysis/feedback, epistemological
constructivism, and all that good stuff…

2. Truly feel the sun from both sides… WHILE I’M ALIVE!

1 thing you regret:

1. Not awakening sooner… but that’s not entirely my fault. Some things happen when
they’re ready to happen… and meant to happen. But still. I think I
could be owning the world by now had it been earlier…