Nineteen hours.

Guess what, ladies and gents.

I am taking NINETEEN hours this semester.

That’s TWO more than the person that’s going to WHUP MY ASS IN GPA.

Hah.  I can feel even more defeated in my defeat now.


Correction–that’s two more hours than the person who has ALREADY admitted defeat in this GPA war.


  • 19 hours of wut? huh?

  • that’s intense, are you sure you can handle it?

    well you still have a few weeks to drop something if you decide it’s too much right?

  • that’s the spirit!
  • I’m planning to take 7 classes for 5.5 credits… I’m not sure how many hours that counts as:

    (1.0) Organic Chem: 5 hrs/wk
    (1.0) Eng. Analysis: 5 hrs/wk
    (1.0) Public Speaking: 4 hrs/wk
    (0.5) Music Theory I: 1 hr/wk
    (0.5) Aural Skills I: 4 hrs/wk
    (1.0) Piano Performance: 1 hr/wk
    (0.5) Orchestral Ensemble: 3 hrs/wk

  • First of all, Jon should know that Orchestral Ensemble shouldn’t be counted in counting class hours because, c’mon, music theory and piano performance are plenty enough music for the first term.

    And, yeah, I will also be taking 19 hours which is going to be pain in the butt especially we don’t have damn grade inflation and only 1 or 2 people get As in the class.. damn small liberal arts college..

  • ya well right now im signed up for 3 classes. fuck all y’all
  • Well, I have no idea of what you’re talking about–but judging from the context in which you used “19 hours” and from other comments, I’m guessing that this semester will be….busy?  Good luck nonetheless, in academics and otherwise!

  • hahah…is this a one man war or can I join?

    i’m taking 19 credits bitch.
    of course the classes will pale in comparison..but listen the only reason i’m not taking better classes i cuz i can’t. goddamn all the good classes are filled…aaaAArgh!and i’m
    gonna find a job..AND continue w/ my training….

    beat that you pale ass, skinny bitch.

  • hardy har, 3 classes for my fine ass…

    oh so fine…