It’s April.

You know what that means, don’t you?  The school year is drawing to a close.  The first school year.  I am as yet faced with the prospect of Northwestern, a prospect which has been looming in my reluctance to enjoy or appreciate U of I for a good majority of this year.  Yet the closer it grows, the less certain I become that NU is perfect for me – or, at least, more so than UIUC.

For one, the school itself really is nice.  The more I let myself, the more I notice what an ideal college atmosphere Urbana-Champaign has. It’s funny, I think, how much control your mind has over you; how little you notice this control.  I wonder now if UIUC was unappealing because I refused to accept anything less than NU, or if it really…was.  What I do know, however, is that there’s a certain spirit, a certain devotion, a certain love for the school which makes the campus comes alive.

And then there are the people.  There are the people here, the people that have contributed to the memory of that first unforgettable year in college; a memory which would be irrevocably altered without their presence.  They are people I am eternally grateful for, and people who indeed make me grateful for U of I.  There are as well the people that are coming, some that I’ve been friends with for ages now, and some that owe me food credits I will never be reimbursed with if I leave .

I’ve realized, however, there will always be forks in the road of life, no matter where you are.  And with each fork you take, there will always be the lingering thought in your mind that maybe you took the wrong road.  That maybe your choice is wholly a blemish on your record of good judgement.  That maybe twenty years from now, you will look back on where you were, and regret that decision.

Or that maybe, just maybe, you’ve made the best choice of your entire life.

  • You could have gone to University of Michigan or Wisconsin or UCLA or NU to say that.  College life is what you make of it, you can make it anywhere.  I’m wondering who’s not being the bold one right now
  • wow, i love that last part of your entry.  i’m gonna steal it =P  oh, and thanks for letting us borrow your icard to buy food for our little party that day before spring break! 
  • oops, sorry for the previous comment, glad you found your place, u belong @ uiuc
  • OMG I LOVE THIS SONG muahahhahha you drive me craaaaaaazy i just cant sleep! (or is it think?) you wanna send me this song? THANKS!

    your post reminds me of the poem The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. Go take a lookie ( )

  • haha man Luther Head ALMOST made those threes man crazy

    but I’ll tell you what, I spent a summer at NU (Gifted Program thingie) (too bad I didn’t keep that “giftedness”) and it isn’t all its cracked up to be man….haha I mean my candy bars I brought MELTED in the drawer….geez no AC in the rooms made it boiling hot and well lets just say my journalism teacher really hated my guts so I guess even though it wasn’t really NU I just had a bad impression….I mean she hated me so much that she “lost” my article that I typed for the end of the program newsletter thing, so she just took one of another student’s articles and pasted my name in at the top X_X

    anyways off to bed


  • yea, i know what you mean. I really, really, really wanted to go to berkeley, but now I’m glad I came here.
  • so what’s your decision?
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  • ouch Kaidi..that was cold as ice!
  • hahahha u know tho, u make college how you want it dont’ worry until i’m there! I’ll wreak havoc on you like i did lasttime!
  • If you hate it, you can always go back. Then you can’t say you never tried.
  • UIUC baby!