“Unproductive” Break Mastery, Phase One

I am awestruck by how feminine my Xanga looks. Even more so than when NG took over and violated the essence of my online soul. Haha–no matter, I like this look. Especially how the two flowers on the right just… stick out in complete focus. (for anybody who cares, this picture was taken with my own camera in front of Jason’s house and edited liberally with Photoshop 7.0–the art history brush: amazing).

As break has just started for us, it’s hard for me to grasp that for others, (namely NYU and the Boilermakers) that their break is just ending. As always it seems like it’ll go on and on forever… which of course is the source of unproductivity in the first place. A lesson’s here to be learned–savor every moment of break–starting with the first. And   with that in mind, I shall begin the second phase of break. Not that the first hadn’t been spent amazingly well–nope nope, I think I’ve spent every waking moment doing something worthwhile… for instance:

— I saw one good romantic comedy,
one amazing romantic comedy movie, and one hilarious satire college humor
movie, these being (in order) The Wedding Date, Hitch, and 100 Girls. [I should
probably be sleeping but as I’m on a roll, I’ll keep writing!] As a romantic
comedy, I thought the Wedding Date was too much about sex… almost to a point
of being stupid and pointless. The humor was overblown and every person was
over 30–lol. I was almost considering the opportunity cost of having to sit in
the theater (time continued to tick away…). But the ending made up for much
of the film’s shortcomings, and it turned out to be a worthwhile sitting… and
onto the other romantic comedy…

Cheesy, but cheese is nice for the occasional love-sap like myself. Almost
everything about the movie had a point to make… one especially got me: that
yes, we can give up that one opportunity, that one girl/guy, or that one
moment, give up and walk away, and we will still probably be okay. But what if
we don’t want to be just “okay”? What if we want “amazing”
for that life molding -blah–whatever that blah may be (lol–for me another
subject was in my mind)? Just gave me a lot to think about (once again…) Oh
yeah, and the point that guys are often idiots. If Hitch can’t put you in a
good mood… lol–well, you suck~ I want to see this movie again before
ending break… anyone up for it??? Moving on…

…100 Girls on the other hand, has
“sex” (the concept, less so the act) all over the place, and I can
hardly recommend it to anyone under the age of college-ready maturity. BUT…
that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a hilarious movie, and like any
satirical comedy, there is truth to be conveyed. The maturity is required to
get out the message from the medium, and maybe–to be able to laugh at the
absolute hilarity of it all.

lol–why the heck am i writing mini-reviews???

Wow, it’s 5:11… I should really be sleeping. haha–oh well, I miss the typing marathon entries I used to make a year ago. Let’s see… what else is there to talk about? You know, if you’re still reading this, you must be one of three things (now I have to think of what to say… you know that’s my problem, like Mr. Schmitt always used to mock, I speak too far ahead than what I’d thought of in advance, leaving me to attempt to fill in for what I don’t quite have ready–uhoh, can’t stop typing… here we go~!):

1. a really really bored person,
2. a really really obsessed person,
3. a really really interesting
person that I’d probably like to meet… which is probably half-true,
considering I know all the people that read this xanga anyway! and yes you’re
all interesting of course…

–but where was i?

Oh yes, my wonderfully unique life like everyone else’s–except that I’m actually bothering to chronicle it all out. Well, some mystery person wrote an interesting comment in my Livejournal (yes I do have a LJ, don’t bother to search for it–not like you’d find it… haha j/k, it’s the most obvious sn for an LJ as it is… I’m so uncreative!!!) in response to my rather confused entry about how I’m being influenced by my awareness that people are reading. It read something like this: