Xander’s College Life – Chapter 5

Old habits…

 So here I find myself returning to my old sleeping habits. Three twenty-one in the A.M, and only ten minutes ago, I finished my homework for classes that’ll begin in less than 7 hours. Stubborn caffeine still in my system; I swear, I’m getting addicted to coffee—it’s a nightly habit for me, at 11:45, just before late-night closes, to go, make myself a turkey sandwich (with lots of Tabasco sauce; another addiction), and a nice cup of coffee. I’ve only been here a month and a half, and already, I feel like this has been my routine forever. Kind of scary—to think that after four years of high school, that in one month I’ve already gotten so used to college that I forget what it’s like.

Still, there’s stuff to be found. I just brushed my teeth in the floor bathroom; two other guys from my floor were there (neither of whom I’ve seen before), both shaving. How is it that I’ve lived in a floor with the same people for a month and there are still people that I don’t recognize? Sad I suppose…

Maybe dorm life is meant to be that way, so that no matter how well you settle, you will always have new people to meet. But in a way, even if this went on for months more, years even, I don’t think I’d get to know everyone. More likely is that the people I haven’t met so far, I probably won’t get to know anyway; just because people are like that. Socializing has its hidden plateaus. Sad because… well, let’s just say it’s sad.

One thing that I’ve kept from the old days is my laziness/procrastination. Beginning to read a book at 11 PM is hardly a good idea if I want to get any sleep at all (ergo, the necessary nightly coffee). They’re good books, really. I love Asian-American literature. Besides being the only class where I do any thoughtful writing, the assigned reading is somewhat of a hidden treasure. The class itself isn’t well known—when I first signed up, there were only 3 people. But back to the reading—reading from Asian-American writers tells so much that I had only theorized from my own experiences (yes I come up with theories for my life), and from friends. There’s just so much that is unique to the Azn-Am experience; I recommend everyone who is either Asian, or has close Asian friends to consider taking the class; not because Asians aren’t “true” Americans (as the prof once argued for the sake of debate), but just to understand the conflicts, depth, and meaning of being an Asian in the great United States of America. From No-No Boy to Native Speaker (eh—that’s not much of an alphabetical range) every book I’ve read so far has brought me new insights regarding… *yawn… lots of… *yawn* stuff…

(I really should be sleeping now…)

I’ve been having more random ideas for stories lately—reasons which I won’t even bother to try and understand. Possibly because of all the reading I’ve done lately; I think I’ve read more books in the last two months than I did in the last two years.

Blah… yeah, my clock says I should sleep—and for once, I shall heed it’s advice.

Lol—Xander laughed at this picture for about ten minutes earlier today:

Spring Camp 2004–I don’t remember this picture being taken, but in it is moi as a smiling Vulcan (“Live long and prosper!”), Susie the magnificent artist girl with the seaweed colored hair,  l.li giving me FOB ears (yes they’re FOB ears–cuz FOBs like those evident in the picture below V V), Adam–the weapon master (also with the FOB vicory sign). Also flanking the picture is the borders of Frank’s pillow–as seen here.

lol–and I can’t believe I had that hair for a whole month! apparently, some Tidus lovers liked it though…

And look! FOB pride:

Actually it’s a random picture of some girl actress in Korea and her entourage of male friends (so they really aren’t FOBs but the point is… the ‘v’–it’s an Asian thing).

Odd things have been bothering me lately–like NCHS HC (how it’s gonna go), Northwestern’s Formal… (am I going?!) mleh!?

Haha–and ok, let me delcare it once and for all so that all the world may know–for all intents and purposes under the heavens, the word “mleh” was coined by and “officially” belongs to Priya. She’s been bugging me recently that I’ve stolen it from her, and thus the credit she deserves as well. So this means that anyone using it, is using her word.

4:08 AM… sleep beckons…