Last days of high school summer

Today’s meaning and tonight’s significance couldn’t be more straightforward The night before already feels like a lifetime ago. I have so much to be thankful for. (tired beyond belief)

 Post-midnight tonight will be carved forever in my memory—I guess I know how Jason felt when he moved on a full week ago—but today was huge—and once again the gathering was amazing. Not quite a bittersweet celebration—that was how summer started with our graduation. I remember us gathered at Taco Bell in our gowns, eating burritos while the Latino dudes laughed at us. With that night began this eternally long era of summer. Like senior year, it felt as if it would go on forever.

And now the end is here—and it’s finally hit me. The “next step” that countless times we’ve toasted, cheered, and dedicated our nights to, is right here—starting with this morning. Just like Prom offered closure to high school, this night was to close the book on what was by far, the best eras of my life. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than where this summer started—at our little Taco Bell on Ogden . The night was more somber and harder than graduation, but just as meaningful. To gather it all in, I felt the urge to step back for a bit, and for a while, I sat observing our tables at T-Bell. And it was truly a sight to hold in memory—and I will forever remember. Then, I felt the urge to jump in—so I did.

Haha, I remember Mr. Ried (my old math teacher) saying how last impressions are the lasting impressions; the way tonight went… I think it could have gone on forever—and for a few brief moments, while we were all circled outside Taco Bell, the meaning of fellowship was revealed. And that meaning will go on with all of us to our God-designated places anywhere. I’ve never felt such a strong bond of familiarity among friends of an era.

And perhaps these bonds go beyond eras. My dad said that the friends you make in high school are the ones you’ll keep for the rest of your life. That truth brings me a lot of comfort.

Yawn… lol, I’d better start packing. Starting with this computer. UIUC, here we come!

  • so sad…xander is going off to college…ha atleast half of ur senior class is coming with you…have fun!
  • you’re gone :(.
  • waaah ur like 129837290784 miles away now! btw this song is so you. erm. anyhoo. i went shopping today! got two new very comfy pants – its quite exciting. i’ll miss you this coming school year. nnhs wont feel the same. o well. guess i’ll hafta start looking for a replacement now!!! jkjkjk.

    you better kick college’s butt. or i’ll go over there and kick yours.

    ooo that was actually kinda creative! go me. no -not really. bah w/e

    ok.. long enuf note, i shall leave now.


  • waaaaaaaah!!! i can’t believe you’re gone! :'( i’ll miss you, and visit you bunches!

    anyhoo… i thought it was the college friends that you keep throughout your life time… :-\ but if it is the high school ones, then i’m happy! 🙂

    goodluck, have fun! i will love you alwaz!

    luv rosa

  • wow what an entry. That just drew every single strands of emotions out of me… so i’m not working @ chuck E Cheese’s next week. haha, after u guys are all gone. But yeah what an AMAZING summer. Thanks to you Alexander. And may you have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL year @ u of i, I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!!
  • hey man. 🙁 your entry touches my heart…why do u hafta leave!?!?!? why?!?!?! ::sobbing:: i never told u this…but i love u! 🙂 (in the most heterosexual way possible) so yea. i really hope you have fun at u of i. make sure to come to every spring/summer camp okay??? i’m gonna go now to cry in my ‘crying cuz alex is gone’ corner of my room. c ya!
  • lol that profile picture looks fake
  • mm i forget what i was going to say ‘cuz everyone else keeps leaving these touching nice messages and all i got is rambles!!!


    i can’t believe y’all are gone.. ~no regrets~

  • does making a watercolor painting of a photo make it a “fake” picture??


  • shit man, am i the first fellowship boy to comment? well, i’ll say this, you guys were like brothers to me, a family i will never forget.  In our youthful excitement and haste, we knew, but never really understood that this summer would end right?  Right now it is with painful nostalgia that i think back to what we had, but i can only say this: Good luck to wherever we are going, good luck in becoming the men that we know we will become, and may we conquer the paths we carve wherever we decide to carve them.

    i love you guys

  • ^




    that was jon

  • alex, im going to miss my older bro! *teartear. When you said that you should go pack thats when it really hit me that u were leaving! im sure you’ll love college! especially since so many of ur friends will be at u of i! but don’t forget ur lil sis! -prava
  • i’m gonna cry …….::sniff sniff:: this summer was the most amazing summer of my life. Stay close to me alex!