So since adopting a daily schedule, and a monthly project list, my days have become slightly more productive. I’m barely managiing to keep up with half the things I’m planning, but considering my past record–that’s pretty darn good.

Reviving Angelex has been put off until I learn Javascript and advanced html (yet more things to busy myself over summer). We had a fellowship gathering and *attempted* to plot out a roadtrip to some yet-undetermined place. Sully came up with a list of some very ambitious destinations, including New York, Quebec City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, etc… everything that came to mind I imagine. Sadly, me being the “illegal immigrant” (not really, but similar circumstances) any non-U.S. destinations had to be removed… and then came the problem of finding a week where everyone is free. That problem was never solved… and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna work out. After an hour so of bickering (while I played with poker chips), the most logical conclusion reached was to postpone it to next year.

A post-freshman college road trip? Some people seemed to think that… it wouldn’t be possible to be as enthused as we are now–but I think it’s actually a better idea-we already hang out every day now. After a year of seperation, some good ol’ friendship bonding time would be even more welcome. My dad, and my own observations seem to indicate a very comforting fact–the friends you make in high school will be friends you have for life–and also among the closest. So, friends… we shall go on…

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[American History X]

I don’t know why I put off seeing it for so long. I’d seen the ending at least… 3 times on television, but never quite had any undestanding of the movie. And today, I finally saw it.

I fed the dog and cat at my pastor’s house (my summer “job”), and then was going through their HUGE rack of movies (after the cat ran away somewhere)–and I happened upon this film…

I don’t think I ever… spilled as many tears over a movie before. Not that it was particularly sad–but it touched and moved my movie heart. I won’t say anything else, besides that I’m gonna definitely be advocating this film for viewing. Just be of at least high school age, or high school maturity.

After it was over, I spent about 10 minutes looking for the cat outside… but it was not to be found. Should this worry me? Cat’s are very durable animals right, and will survive just fine for a night outsde? Mleh–it better be back tomorrow morning… or else… je suis screwed. I pray that this stupid cat doesn’t go off to far… or get run over…