Evils of Prejudice

Jabali came online tonight; we had a very good talk—from things ranging from friendship to politics to religion. But when we talked about the caste system it really REALLY got me goin’…

I used to at least somewhat respect the caste system, with he social order that it’s supposed to provide. But then again, I didn’t know what J told me of his accounts within it, and it is far worse than any of the racism in the United States. Another thing I learned—Christians and Muslims are their own caste. Not by choice. Neither religion sanctions such a system, yet the accepted societal majority deems it necessary to establish its supremacy over them.

nuvvekavali1: no christian are lower than hindus

nuvvekavali1: everyone is lower than hindus

And… that’s just SO wrong. Christianity preaches to be humble as an example for others to follow with compassion, but when the society deems that behavior as necessary for a lower caste, what effect does it have other than to corroborate the prejudiced superiority of the upper classes? When I see a people taken advantage of, especially for something they voluntarily choose to do, I get incredibly angry. Like right now…

I’m not blaming the Hindu castes at all—I AM blaming the nature of us humans to desire accepted superiority. Like I said, Scripture counteracts this natural human instinct and teaches us to be humble and to serve, yet there are places in this world where a social order exists to perpetuate the injustice. This is wrong beyond all my measures… yet how can we possibly change it? This is so bad—I almost become ignorant to all the suffering and prejudice out in the world, but of course, that won’t bring change. We all have to work…somehow, through prayer, hope, and a genuine desire to rid this world of such discrimination. There are problems within us all, even within Christianity. In sociology yesterday, we discussed some of my teacher’s kid’s friends who were mocking her for not going to church. Not in a scolding manner, but a self-superior, “I’m better than you” tone. And HOW is that different from the far more visible evil of caste discrimination? Sadly, its the same human motivation—most people grow out of it yes, but we need to help. Human nature for self-superiority is good at times, but at least… have some respect.

I’m supposedly Priam now (according to Jason), I will say one memorable line from Troy: “HAVE YOU NO HONOR?!” Then again… Hector…

I dunno, that’s my rant for 2:23 AM.


Just something I stole off Walter’s Xanga–tests like this are far more accurate than people give credit for. And though I am usually disinclined to say that I am of any sort of archetype (aka LABEL<–EVIL!!), this analysis I think accurately summerizes some of my traits. And I got the same one in a psych inventory in class so, there is some reliability to the results. Anyway, I am a “Champion”! I’ve changed so much though–5 years ago, I was not of this personalilty type.

One thing though:


“ENFPs hate bureaucracy, both in principle and in practice; they will always make a point of launching one of their crusades against some aspect of it. ”

system be damned… (lol–though I don’t think we could survive w/o its order) bureaucracy on the otherhand can go off to burn.

THe following is another profile from the blah blah company–really interesting was what it had to say in the last paragraphs, about feeling both so integrally a part of, and at the same time, sepereated from all the life around me. But ya, that’s it–>

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