AP TESTS OVER!!! And the “asking” for Prom

So the hellish two weeks have finally passed, and now to transition back into normal life again. Monday was by FAR the worst day in recent memory. NO ONE should be forced to endure such torment. Not only was it 9 hours (including a 30 minute break), but it was 9 hours in a HOT, humid, brain killing environment. By the 7 th hour my hands, back, and neck were physically hurting and I won’t even say how I felt by 8 and 9. And then it was off to Jason’s house to prepare for yet another test. But now it’s finally over!

Score rough estimates (UPDATED: 1/4/2015 With Actual info):

US History: 4

Literature: 4

BC Calc: 5

Physics C: 5

Psychology: 5

Biology: 5

Literature (no idea…but my guess is…) 3-4

BC Calc: 4

Biology: 4-5

Physics: (wow… no idea) 3-ish?

Psychology: I think either a 4-5.

Mmmhmm yeah, I need a cool down period. A little relaxing would be nice. At least… before Friday. Eeh… I keep missing CCMC–I’m such an compartmentalized self–next time I say.

A fateful day: April 21 st , 2004

How it went (at least from Rohit’s point of view):


lol–thanks rohit for your hilarious interpretation, though you could improve a little at counting cars

If I haven’t got around to thanking those involved (in spite of the plan falling apart at record speed), I’ll do it now ”THANK YOU! Obviously we could have put more practice into the act maybe even made it the BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD (!!) but even now, the hilarious moments are the ones I remember most: i.e Rohit lying on the ground looking around helplessly for instructions; Jason flicking the sword way too fast (snapping it in 4 places at once, then standing cluelessly); Huang spasmodically rolling/sitting with his butt on the ground as if he was watching the most laughable show of his life, the cop dude (who looks uncannily like Mr. Scott) coming out with the dean and of course the most important moment behind the main stage but only because I forgot to take out the flower and the white orchids, which, as Kaidi suggests, can be colored blue via marker!

There were some difficulties getting those onboard (for example:

Anu: No kidnapping!! (protecting his vitals) What if josie kicks my ass?!

In any case, I won’t even try to explain the intended symbolism of the tennis racket-swordsmanship, or the non-existent Kill Bill references. Yep—well I would like to acknowledge all involved in the pre-planning (Tiff, Joanna, Kaidi), planning (JLee, Anu, JLi), and all the people that actually came (Rohit, Huangs, and esp. XL and Sully for the quick resourcefulness!). Oh yes, and finally thanks to the ever-wonderful JC herself!