NNHS Homecoming 2003!

Oct 12 3:09 AM – Homecoming 2003 was the most awesome one yet–as it should be, senior year–so much more of a “reward” that I thought it would be. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d still be bouncing off the walls! I thank everyone who came there–I know you guys came out there to enjoy yourselves, but it wouldn’t have been as fun without everyone who was there. Oh yes, and Vicki–thanks for being such an awesome date! Yes I can carry you and no you can’t beat me in physical combat (if you don’t believe me…).

Ahh!! Further analysis of Homecoming 2003 will have to wait ‘cuz my mind just can’t seem to focus on anything right now.

Anyway, I found a cool new writing exercise I’m going to try first thing in the morning–literally. What you do is get to a computer as soon as you wake up, and just start writing–sort of like the exercises you might to at school, except its immediately after waking. My goal is to write at least whole page every morning!

Here are a bunch of pictures!