Hello Xanga.

Ah yes, so I’ve finally decided to do what I’ve been holding off to do for so long—that is, to create a Xanga. I’m taking time OUT of writing my college resume so I can do this…

Not like I need a Xanga—I can vent out stuff on my site perfectly well, and have been for a long time– http://angelex.netfirms.com  in “Reflections” for those who don’t know. But… I guess it’s a little different here–first off, being able to write anywhere, anytime–whereas at Angelex, I’m restricted to when I’m home, and when my internet feels like working. Really annoy’s the crap out of me. I always have things in my mind that i want to write about–except I just don’t have the time/means to do it all the time, and usually by the time I do, it just… fades away… I still need to find my rant notebook that I’ve kept for the past 4 years…

Okay, well I’m not expecting anything to be different, but i really need to write a lot more–(I’m making that resolution right now!)-and hopefully, this Xanga fad will let me do that. Ciao y’all, Xander’ll be around~

This has been the first entry of Xander Skyrien! Yay!!

  • ya liah.. ya know you’v just been lookin’ for an excuse to procrastinate… hehe jtjt yay! adorable Pandas!!! …ya nevah did ‘splain why ya hate mushrooms….. ooh i get to give ya first propz! yipppee ~tL~
  • OMG the picture… u look like a girl =p