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Insecure world

I’m feeling oddly insecure right now… back from Colorado, and for the first time in a while, I feel that I actually missed being at school. Here, I’m productive, connected, updated… and to me, it’s reassuring in many ways.¬†Yet… right now, an insecurity lingers.

Maybe it’s the discussion of the recent crime on campus, thefts, assaults, etc… I’m sure it’s nothing out of the ordinary; in a school of forty thousand, crime is bound to be present. It’s probably just because I know several of the recent victims that it shakes me a little deeper down. Still, not much has changed, right?

Another thing I’m noting from tonight, what is with the petty racism on campus? I don’t get it, is it just easier/entertaining/self-assuring to look down on someone and make an empty race-related interjection? What I don’t get is how the offensive, intolerant, ignorant voices are so strong, and so pervasive in the vocal populace. Okay, that’s my long-winded version of asking why the hell these insulting ideas are so damn prevalent, especially at night. With all the years of “tolerance training” that we were taught growing up, why is it that so many people lack it? Meh… I don’t know, but tonight, I’m a little less happy with the way things are, and a little more motivated to do something about it.

The lesson to be learned here for a hope in resolving these tensions over time is one of humility. And in the receiving end of hostilities, more acting, less reacting. And for everyone else, to have a better sense of what to tolerate, and what not to.

Hmm… need to brainstorm for a sustainable solution…