XXXVIII – Day 13879

Haha, I’m kind of scared that ChatGPT is going to take away my will to write, given how well it seems to do. But nay that’s how we cede ground in the human-vs-AI wars no? Must try harder!

So here am, at the turn of 38, back here to blog about it! That it’s been almost two decades since my turning 19 post is kind of a shock, but seeing how much I had changed between then and 20 I do feel that since then, growth in my (writing) voice has come a little slower. I do wonder occasionally if I’m ‘supposed’ to be writing in far more elegant prose by now, but I think the chief reason is that I’ve not been writing for fun nearly as much since short-form social media came to dominate our online discourse.

(Are folks closer to 40 supposed to act like they’re suddenly old people? Dunno, but I’m gonna keep doing me, so 😛 ya)

Anyway, wanted to write a real post, something I could reflect on later, and ask ChatGPT to incorporate into my ongoing meta-analysis of my blog.

Onwards to 38!