age is for the weak!

[Ah, so I’m giving myself ten minutes to write this out…]

Are we getting old? Sometimes I think so, when I find myself thinking of years and feelings of past years, and now, decades. But maybe it’s just that we have more “past” to think about, showing that our memories and our personalities are getting richer with time. I was wondering this yesterday towards the end of the working day, when I had a conversation with my deaf officemate about benefits of working in industry. And then, to end the discussion, my officemate (who is in his 40s) started a sentence starting with “When you grow up…”.
Somehow, that made me very happy; and I went about the rest of my day feeling younger than I had in years.
I have a lot to catch up on on my various blogs, and will do so over the course of the next couple weeks. They’ll go something like…
Miami -> Cali Visit -> Northeast visits -> Moving to Naperville -> The Great Trip West -> R.I.P P&S -> Arriving in the Northwest -> Work Begins! -> ???
  • yes, we are getting old
  • yeaaa, all the photos i put on my xanga are taken by me (unless i say otherwise.)

    are you still playing? when do you start work?

  • A comment or encouragement for you. Not because of your entries, which are becoming inadequate for quenching anything I needed the way it used to, but because I had a sudden need to tell you that I look(ed) up to you. =) Thanks.