Xander’s College Life: Year 4

Chapter 5 – The final semester

Ah, so it’s finally here, semester number Eight. The last time I was in this position (the end of high school), I was thinking about alll the little things that were about to end and change change. Now, well, it’s an even bigger change, yet I don’t seem to really care the same way. Unlike high school where I wanted to hold onto everything while I could while I savored the last days, now I’m excited and ready for the next step in life.

But am I ready? That’s the question that’s been on my mind lately; am I the person I want to be? With the skills, the friends, the knowledge ready to present to the world as myself. I need to bring my hobbies back. I need a project to work on; and skills to cultivate. I refuse to be a person defined by school, work, or the people around me. So, what to do…


I’m updating this entry because I realized that I’m in the exact same mood as I was when I first wrote it. Except now, instead of the semester finally being here, it’s almost gone. My God, the time went by so fast… and I don’t even remember most of it. There were ups and downs, and stuff in between… but most of all, it just went by without too much thought. I guess this does mean that I”m “living” life instead of observing it, but ya know, I’m thinking that there’s good value to reflecting on life as it goes by. Anyway. I’m gonna blog more. Rohit has inspired me. This is such a critical time, I want to make sure that I live and remember it well.