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Geek Squad playing Peep Squad

According to a lawsuit filed against Best Buy this week, at least one
Geek Squad technician has been doing more than just fixing computers.
On March 4th, technician Hao Kuo Chi reported to the home of Natalie
Fornaciari and Sarah Vasquez. While there, he allegedly placed his cell
phone in the bathroom, where it caught 22 year-old Sarah Vasquez
showering. Upon exiting the shower, she discovered his cell phone
placed behind the sink, with the “Record” function enabled…

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China: Internet porn has “perverted China’s Young Minds”

After announcing a crackdown on online gaming by minors and introducing a plan to clean up television shows like Happy Boys Voice , the Chinese government has now embarked on a broader plan to scour porn from the Internet .
And this is more than a “block a few web sites” scouring—it’s the
full-blown, put-your-whole-body-into-it abrasive scrubdown. Just ask
Chen Hui, one-time operator of the largest porn site in China. After
his arrest late last year, Chen was sentenced to life in prison.

Go Guofeng!