Year 3 Chapter 7 – Post Winter Break, onto Semester VI

I haven’t been this excited to return to school since freshman year. Not that I’m particularly looking forward to this grueling semester of 6 classes and 20 hours, but I think some productivity would be nice. Mleh, what am I saying, I AM looking forward to this semester! Taking two classes that I’ve been wanting to take for years, CS 440 (Intro to Artificial Intelligence) and ECE 410 (Digital Signal Processing I), I’ve got research work involving human-machine interface, and I am absolutely going to gain 15 lbs this semester!

Xanga seems to be falling out of favor these days; maybe people are flocking to Facebook notes instead. I’d be sad to give up this writing venue after over three years of nearly consistent journaling. but, times do change, and we must change with them, so whatever. We’ll see how much life Xanga has left.

School’s been quite lively. The first two weeks have been manageable. My course load for the semester: a nice 20 hours, but from the looks of it, it might be the first time I actually keep my overload. Besides, right now, my schedule looks like a nice heart:

Quite the symmetry!

New for this semester: I’ve gotten some shades and a pair of Motorola wireless headphones (HT820 – the ones that create a striking resemblance to Princess Leia)!

At $80, some doubt it’s value, but I think it’s a pretty good deal. I’ve seen these sell for $140.

I’ve gotten mixed responses, (Flam for one compliments me and says I am a nerd), and a few others. But ya know what? It’s
the best way to listen to music on the go, while still being able to make and answer calls. And they also function as high-tech earmuffs.

Eh? Eh? Yeah, ok, stop laughing.

Yeah, I meant to write more… but, I’m hungry, so that’s all for now! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Karen Wong, and Jen Kolar!

P.S. Pizza Hut delivery in Urbana sucks. I just ordered a pizza online, and the estimated delivery time is 75 minutes. Seventy-five minutes—as in, I ordered this at 6:50, and it’s not supposed to get here till 8:05. Is delivery not for those who are starving and yet too entirely weakened to get up and make food? Meanwhile, I am reduced to continuing a Xanga entry…