Like a ship without an anchor

I think I’ve been a little ungrounded lately. Like I’ve lost my anchor, so easily moved emotionally. And you know what I’ve realized? I can find good in almost any situation, learn important lessons through my struggles… and when I can’t, I can still find serenity… but I had never felt that such “maturity” could be so tragic until now.

Something is amiss, and I can’t seem to find a way to find both happiness and comfort. Like a ship on a voyage, no anchor needed.

  • Maybe it isn’t happiness and comfort you should be seeking.

    [You’re still young, aren’t you?]

  • wats so tragic about it?
    and how & where, mr.vague,  is it that you can’t find hapiness and comfort at the same time?
    haha serenity..well thats a little extreme don’t you think? i mean finding serenity in..daily life?
    don’t tell me you’ve gone and embraced your roots and decided to turn Buddhist.

  • YOU….STEALING MY SONG?!!!!! omg…i cannot you believe you just did that. -.- XP hehe…havent seen you in sooo long dude

    hows college these days? having fun? still up to your crazy ways?
    i do hope you’re doing well in college these days.

    enjoy the song…its quite good.


  • Maybe u should just wait for them to come to u?

    Things will work out.

  • thanks 🙂

    maybe maturity isnt the word, but more wisdom.

    and i dont think happiness and comfort coincide right now. everything seems to change so much faster now, or maybe it’s just the awareness. i’ve had happiness and comfort, and altho it was hard to lose it, I’m glad to have something different.

  • well there must be a reason you are here where you are
  • Well… I think that the ultimate happiness and comfort come from God… it might be good to stop looking elsewhere. Because it’s all going to let you down in the end.

    Hope things are going well for ya, man. Haven’t seen you in forever.

  • Awwwww……ur too young to be confusing urself like this

    save it till ur like 60 and have nothing better to do

    for now, let life take u where ur meant to be


  • why are you so weird.