The Deceptive

So… things have been a little complicated lately. But not complicated in the ways I usually complicate things. For once, the bulk of my complications seem to be external, and inside, in my mind, things make perfect sense. Seeing as no one is reading this entry (:-P) I suppose I can deliniate more than I normally would (also since I don’t have a Xanga anymore).

I’ve seen/heard/been somewhat involved in, the stupid politics that surrounds the female social culture. And it is utterly ridiculous how much of one’s judgement of another is based on heresay, rumors, gossip, secrets that are told under promist to protect the people they implicate, masks of “Oh no, it’s all ok! trust me ::smiles::”……”i hate you @&%*&*@!*#*!). It’s all politics, I’ve been invovled in it, I know. But how many facets of personality can one have? All of this, comes from an incomplete acceptance of self, a selfish desire for friends, and biased prejudices of others. That’s all it is really. You can know what people do, but how can you know why they do it until you get to konw them? And how can you call yourself human, when you don’t accept the flaws in yourself that you so clearly see in your neighbor? How can you call your “friend” evil, when your lies to protect yourself wrap you in so many layers of averice and falsehood?

How much can you judge one person based on what others of this personality say? One of the greatest things that emerged from high school for me is an understanding of myself, flaws included. Sure I’ve been asinine once in a while and actually, I enjoy the power of being able to do so. I don’t deny that I’m imperfect–I don’t like some of the thigns I do, but I at least understand what makes me do so. Can you say the same? Can you say the same for this person you think is evil?

Can you say in public that you live by a certain moral code when in private with your “true friends” you violate that code whenever you want some fun? If you can, what can you say about “true” yourself? If you do, then what does that make you?

I don’t know where I’m going with this, so I’ll conclude with the promise that even though none of us (not me, and not you either) are perfect followers of any moral code, I will do my best to accept what I am and what I do, and as much as I can, understand why you do what you. You are not evil, I believe that because I believe in human imperfection. Really, in all your lies, and falsities, you are my friend, perfectly human. And so am I.