February 14 th 2004

[BOOM–] Wow… another day, finally here. This Saturday, tomorrow, February 14th… a day that I’ve been looking forward to and fearing at the same time… waited for so long, so much anticipation that I almost forgot that it was also Valentine’s Day. But bah–how can V-Day be of any significance in comparison to the Big Event of the Day? Tomorrow is our National Science Bowl Regional/State tournament!!!

Oh yes, it is a big deal. We’ve been preparing since this time last year to get to where we are now… and finally, its here. David, Irena, and I are scrambling to cram whatever extra information we can hold for tomorrow so that our team might fair well. I’ve already discussed it with Dave–actually, there was no discussion–we ARE going to place, no matter what. Eighteen schools, how hard can it be to get 4th place? And the prizes! Last year, the 4th place team all received CELL PHONES with one year of service!! And our school got 5th because of a team error… sucked for them eh? Well this year we have Irena, James, and ME! Mwahaha… and we’re prepared for so long…

But its really first place that we’re shooting for. The winning team from this tournament get flown (yes for free) to Washington D.C. to compete in nationals! How AWESOME is that… but lol–i already drained that wish of all its life–all that’s left now is to compete. I’m worried… scared of disappointment. I’m not expecting much… I really am not. But I’m hoping for so much, because I know its not out of our league… really–our team pretty much has everything covered now. Just, buzzing before the other team that really matters. Fortune favors the bold… favors the bold… i shall be bold…

I guess it’s a little to late to be saying this. These lingering thoughts have long since been supplanted… just… for the record.

I’m not one to make announcements on Xanga… but… heh… not like it would matter… or would it? Good luck perhaps? Hehe–whateva–I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with the news.

OOH, and I wanna talk about the hypnosis dude from school today–lol he was hilarious, but to the dismay of many, I’m still very skeptical about the idea of “hypnosis”. It’s just… nono, I’m not saying I don’t believe it–but for me, things are usually, don’t accept until proven true. Kinda like what you athiests out there say about God… but that’s a different story…

Please… let tomorrow be a good day… I hope tomorrow is a good day…

Some hilarious quotes of the day:

The hypnosis dude: “…you also need an IQ of at least 85 for hypnosis to work–that’s why I can’t do this over at CENTRAL–”
Audience: (brief quiet while we take in what he just said… uproar in laughter).

PJ (later commenting on the “central IQ” joke): Dude, that guy was a genius–he knew exactly what would make us laugh… (as if dissing a rival school takes much genius)

This comment is hilarious, but almost impossible to convey in just words. Just… sometimes I am shocked (and amused) by some of my peers’ lack of common sense. Anu and I listened to Rohit, incredulous at his whacked up insinuation:

Rohit (immediately after the assembly): Dude, we can just leave now!
Me: Wha?? You’ll get marked truant for every class
Rohit: No no, but see, they don’t know that we were here–think about it, we haven’t gone to any classes yet!
Me: (i think i understood what he was trying to say–it just didn’t make and real sense–so I let Rohit keep talking and amusing me) So?
Rohit: SO… we can just leave and no one would ever know we were here at all! (thinking…) oh wait… no, then they could look at the senior picture and see our face there, and they’d know. Nevermind…

[Now let me comment on this… it was Rohit’s understanding that attendence was based on teachers from previous classes reporting to later classes and figuring out that you were hear earlier, but not later… so in his mind, he supposed that since no one knew he was there at all, he could just go home then and be fine, cuz not being at school all is better than being “truant” to a few classes. But then he was disappointed by the fact that the senior photo was taken as evidence… so the teachers (cuz of course they wanna sit with a microscope to make out truant kids’ faces) would be able to find out that he in fact WAS here that day…this is almost as funny as the Jon Huang “tatoo” incident–Anu and I stood incredulously…]

Haha… it’s funny. Laugh dammit…

Okay, enough of that–tomorrow = big day, tonight = time to sleep. G’night world!!