NNHS in Naperville, MN?

Hmm… well I just found a very interesting site while looking for NNHS on Google… http://www.napervillenorthhighschool.com .

From the looks of it, it seems to be a site marketting NNHS and Naperville, trying to get people to move in–which is pretty… cool (and a bit weird). It says to check out all this stuff, why NNHS is so good, what our town is blah blah. It even has a couple pics from around town:

Curious how they mentioned the “Indian Prairie School District” for the ACT scores–which happens to be in Hinsdale… but besides that there’re a couple good things here and there. I was pleased to see Scholastic Bowl mentioned in Extracurricular activities, and also present was an “Athletics Section”. And lol–you can order a relocation package for people who are thinking about moving to Naperville. It’s pretty much saying, “yeah! It’s an awesome place to live–come on down!” But then… there’s this:

Uh oh… Naperville, MN? Readers are likely thinking… “too cold for me, let’s look at some other town like… Naperville, IL!!! as advertised in–the Naperville CENTRAL’s funky site: http://www.napervillecentralhighschool.com :

Yea, at least THIS Naperville is somewhere warmer, in a decent sized city and is in a big metropolitan area like Chicago… who cares about Minneapolis? Screw Naperville North, I’m sending my kids to Naperville Central! No one wants to bring thier kids to Frozen Potato Land…

So what does this mean? My far-fetched theory is that the city coucil hired some company to sell Naperville to the world (so that the currently appreciating house prices would continue to rise) but were secretly paid by NCHS (those bastards!), to screw NNHS over.

Haha–well that’s my take–what are your thoughts on this?