Well yes, I was sick today, in case anyone was wondering why I wan’t in school–being sick sucks big time… throat hurts… I also ended up missing a lot of crucial stuff.

I tried to get a lot of work done… didn’t quite get that far. Ended up sleeping five hours in between waking up in the morning and now. College apps are taking up every last bit of free time.

Ooh, but lookey! Online flowers! I would never have guessed that it would even be possible to send e-flowers, but alas–here they are! The original one had a flash animation and came with music, but for you secondhand ppl, a jpg is all ya get. Yes, well I’ll continue to send REAL flowers, as nothing beats the Real Thing. But when you’re too far away, and need to give someone a quick boost, e-flowers are the way to go!

Oh… and I’ve also found out about a tragedy… http://www.cacegypt.org/ ┬áDeana Blanchard, one of my cousin’s old friends passed away two weeks ago… seriously… I really don’t know how to respond to something like that. I’ve never lost anyone close to me… but it’s hit pretty close before… I pray for them all, the victims, both living and those who have passed…