Appreciation of Life is Strange

One of my favorite games of 2015 is Life is Strange, developed by Paris-based Dontnod Entertainment (produced by Square Enix). The last game I played by them was Remember Me, a sci-fi time-bending action/adventure game which while interesting in premise, had me bored within hours by the repetitive action / timing based puzzle gameplay. Poorly sales pushed the company to near bankruptcy; last year was effectively their …

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1995: 20 years ago, I joined the Internet

Twenty years ago today (roughly), I joined the internet. It wasn’t a particularly glamorous affair, but was necessitated by MSN (not the website, the original ISP service that debuted with Windows 95) having shut down its service in Korea, forcing me to find a local ISP (and convincing my parents that 7,000 won a month (about $6) was …

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Rand Paul after his speech in Seattle, WA to a crowd of (mostly) his supporters.

The Long Road to 2016

I met Rand Paul at his campaign event in Seattle this earlier today. The first thing I’d note was that he seemed really tired, not that it had any diminishing effect on his speech, but it’s clear that running for president isn’t for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is occupying the highest office of …

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Trust, Diplomacy, and Iran

Early in the morning, news trickled in that an agreement was reached in the extended P5+1 negotiations with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program. I’m no expert on political science, but I’ve long had a penchant for following the evolving world order and the recent climax of this diplomatic effort on Iran has been particularly intriguing. The details of the …

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We made it! New Horizons at Pluto!

After decades of talk, 9.5 years of travel through the solar system, New Horizons conducts its flyby of the Pluto system today! It’s absolutely amazing that our technology has allowed us to reach this tiny TINY point of light so far away. Congrats to NASA, the New Horizons team! Today, humanity has another world to add to our list …

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