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Social Mores of the 21st Century

I’ve realized why I’ve been tweeting and Facebook PSUing so much: Because right now, I have an excess of a desire to share awesome things that I’ve read and experienced! So, instead of cluttering up my friends’ Twitter feeds, Facebook home pages, and incessantly getting CAPCHA challenges from Facebook, I’ll make a compilation post of the various things that’ve taken up my attention for the day.

 First of all, I recommend everyone to immediately pick up the current edition of Wired, and read up on the “How to Behave: New Rules” section; besides being the best “How-to” from Wired in a long time, it’s a very revealing series of small articles about the social expectations of our techified / webified culture, and what to-do, what not-to-do. I love Wired. Seriously, it’s one of the most intelligent, well-written, relevant magazines in today’s age. I want it read at all my major Life Events.

 And for the rest of you, un-Wired people (or those who only enjoy freebies), here it is in Online form.


 They’re funny, short, and a refreshing read for everyone of this age. Here are links to my favorite ones:

Don’t Work All the Time — You’ll Live to Regret It

Never Broadcast your Relationship Status

Don’t Google-Stalk Before a First Date

Ignore the Ex on Facebook

Ditch the Headset

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Friends

Texting in the Company of Others is OK

Don’t Blog or Tweet Anything With More Than Half a Million Hits

 What I appreciated most are about the articles, besides being well written are that each is solidly grounded in some body of academic research, and provides links to relevant content. I thought only Wikipedia gave you that kind of linking joy!

 Damn, reading all this is making me wonder about where to take my career from here. Everyone plays around online, enjoys good technology, and by working with web services as part of my daily life and job, I find it awesome that I’m in a position to be making a difference in how web services are used by people around the world. What to do with that position… is another story.

 Anyway, that’s all for now; I have a lot I want to share about my experiences in Korea… till next time!