A Heartfelt Obituary for a Steadfast Companion (MBP 15″ Retina/Summer 2012)

(MBP15″ – 2012-2024)

Here lies the MacBook Pro 15” Retina, a testament to a bond between human and machine that transcended mere utility. In the lexicon of personal technology, it was a volume rich with innovation, a bridge from one era to another, encapsulating the essence of growth—both of its keeper and the digital epoch it heralded.

Today, we bid adieu not to a device but to a chapter, an epoch of personal evolution it so diligently chronicled. In every awakening from sleep mode, every cursor blink, it echoed the heartbeat of a life in flux, a companion through the laughter and the silent victories no one else saw.

May we remember the MacBook not for its silicon or circuitry, but for its silent partnership in the unwritten tales of our lives. The keyboard may fall silent, the screen may dim, but the narrative it helped script will persist, a legacy not of obsolescence but of enduring memory and indomitable spirit.

Here’s to the machines that grow old with us, that carry our stories and share our spaces—here’s to the quiet companions of our digital age. Your service is concluded, but the chapters you helped to write remain open, bookmarks in the story of our lives.

In remembrance, may we consider the tools that shape our existence and honor the faithful service they provide, each key, each pixel, a stroke in the portrait of our days.


Let this obituary stand as a heartfelt salute to the MacBook Pro 15” Retina, a companion of over twelve years, whose faithful service and silent chronicles enriched a life’s journey. Here’s to the technology that walks alongside us, shaping our stories, amplifying our potential, and holding our histories within their digital hearts.